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Are you looking for an extraordinary career experience?

A joint venture between My Adventure Store Limited and Intrepid Travel, Intrepid My Adventure Store is the gateway to a whole world of adventures, holidays and airfares. We have partnered with the world's leading tour companies to bring our customers the best deals in adventure travel anywhere on the planet.

You'll find adventure holidays from experienced tour companies - companies with a true passion for taking travellers off the beaten track and into some of the most remote and beautiful places on earth.

With so many adventure tours, destinations and companies to choose from, our experienced adventure specialists are passionate about finding an adventure holiday that is perfectly catered to our customers' needs.

Working hard, playing hard and travelling widely are at the core of our beliefs. We are global citizens with an abundance of experience, a wealth of knowledge, and a passion for amazing travel adventures.

Are you looking for a fulfilling career that will take you from the ordinary to the extraordinary? Let Intrepid My Adventure Store take you there. Apply today!

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