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What is My Adventure Store?

Intrepid My Adventure Store opened its first store in London in 2005 followed soon after with a store in Melbourne.

Since then Intrepid My Adventure Store has expanded rapidly and now has stores in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada operating as a joint venture between Intrepid Travel, My Adventure Store and Flight Centre Limited.

We are specialists in Adventure holidays to all destinations around the world and have the broadest range of adventure holidays available from the world's leading adventure tour companies.

What do we believe?

We believe in working hard, playing hard and travelling widely. We are global citizens with an abundance of experience, a wealth of knowledge and a passion for amazing travel adventures.

How is Intrepid My Adventure Store different to a regular travel agency?

Driven by the philosophy of "Extraordinary Travel Experiences" and specialising in adventurous experiences, Intrepid My Adventure Store offers many different styles of adventure travel.

Our people are Adventure Travel Experts and will offer you a quality and personal experience on the widest choice and best value Adventure Travel - guaranteed everytime. Our motivated and professional Adventure Travel Experts are the best in the business. They have a passion for adventure and cultural travel second to none.

Backed by the experience of Intrepid Travel, the buying power of My Adventure Store & Flight Centre limited, and the depth of experience of our Adventure Specialists, Intrepid My Adventure Store offers service, expertise and value offered nowhere else.

Intrepid My Adventure Store's mission is to become the world's number one Adventure travel retailer.

Who are Intrepid My Adventure Store's typical customers?

Anyone who seeks a 'real life' travel experience. That can be someone looking for a short, relaxing break with some cultural highlights, to those planning a 3 month overlanding adventure throughout Africa.

Our customers come to us for our knowledge and expertise on a wide range of extraordinary Travel experiences.

If you have a particular interest be it cultural travel, historic, culinary adventures, religious tourism, photography tours, we have the perfect holidays and adventures to suit.

In short, travellers who want a complete Adventure Travel experience delivered by expert adventure specialists.

How adventurous are Intrepid My Adventure Store's trips? We have the biggest range available from soft culinary adventures in some of the world's most gorgeous places, right up to trekking in some of the most remote. We have comfortable expedition cruises, luxurious rail journeys and even urban adventures in the world's greatest cities.

Our adventure tours incorporate trekking, rafting, cycling, sailing, skiing, sea kayaking and more.

In short, we offer the extremes and everything in between.

Where do Intrepid My Adventure Store's trips travel to? We have the world covered. From the poles to the equator, across all continents, oceans, rivers and islands. It's difficult to find a place we don't offer trips to.

We have something for the first-timer right up to the more experienced traveller seeking out-there destinations like Yemen, Iran, Mali, and Patagonia.

What if I'm not really cut out for an adventure?

Don't fret. We can put together the perfect holiday for you with a sprinkling of adventure or none at all. Our short breaks and beach holidays can be just the ticket.

Intrepid My Adventure Store also offers the best value domestic, International, and round-the-world airfares, hotels, rail adventures, cruising, holiday packages, short breaks, urban adventures and day tours.

Other Intrepid My Adventure Store products and services include travel insurance, foreign currencies and group holiday packages.

What are Intrepid My Adventure Store's in-store events about?

Our in-store events are small, interactive gatherings of specialists and customers who meet to discuss brilliant adventure tours and travel experiences. They provide a great opportunity for you to meet our Adventure Specialists as well as our tour company & airline partners. They provide the inspiration and are an invaluable source of information about their particular areas of expertise.

  • We have the widest range of adventure holidays at the best price.
  • We will get your travel arrangements right every time.


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