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Intrepid Tours

Be an Intrepid traveler.

What once started as a small Asian tour is now a 600 staff, more than 400 trips and 90 destinations travel company. Intrepid knows their stuff. They know that travel is fun and that with the right tour you'll venture off the beaten path and you may never want to come back. With Intrepid you are guaranteed to explore the worlds most amazing places - discovering real people and real cultures.

With My Adventure Store and Intrepid have teamed up to make planning your vacation even easier. With Intrepid's knowledge and expertise, backed with My Adventure Store know-how, you'll have the easiest booking along with some considerable savings.

Get closer with a smaller group.

Intrepid Travel stands firmly on small group travel. They know that the smaller the group the more you see. The closer you get. The greater chance you have at building friendships. And so, they have trucks that can only carry 24 passengers. Even on the road you'll get the chance to bond.

Sweet freedom!

Some thing group travel means you're stuck together, but on Intrepid you have the freedom to do as you choose. For solitary excursions, just ask your guide.

Home is where the locals are.

Intrepid chooses your lodging based on location and friendliness. Whether it's a city hotel or a home in a tribal village, on Intrepid you'll always stay in high standards with a local vibe.

Exotic bites.

Eating and traveling go hand-in-hand. Intrepid trips have some meals included, while at other times you are free to make your own choices. Plus, on some trips you actually team up and cook meals for the group. Every itinerary outlines how much you should budget for meals out.

Modes of transportation.

It's not all mini-van. With Intrepid you'll get an elephant, a bicycle, a bamboo raft, a bus, and an airplane. There's an eclectic mix of options depending on where you travel.

A local payment.

Upon arrival it is standard to pay the final payment of your trip in the local currency (cash). The leader will collect the payment and this is non-refundable.

On some Overland trips you contribute to a Kitty instead of a Local Payment. A full description of what the kitty includes is in the Trip Notes.

Intrepid leaders.

Intrepid's leaders are experts, friends, support, and local guides. They know your destination inside and out. Every question is always answered with a smile.

Multi-trip discount.

Good customers save. That's the Intrepid way. When you book three trips or more, you'll save 5% per person off the total trip price. Contact you're my Adventure Store consultant for full details and restrictions.

More trips to choose.

Almost every week an Intrepid tour leaves the station. Time for you to get on board. There are more than 300 different trips to Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America, the Middle East & Australia. Get picking.

Get ready.

Intrepid takes you to the heart of your trip. You are immersed in the culture. Without proper planning you may have that fish out of water feeling. Intrepid wants you to immerse yourself to the religion(s), values, customs, and rules of your destination. Things like appropriate behaviour, dress and body language may be important to plan for. So before your trip there are informationals on the Intrepid website.

Hooray for sustainable tourism.

Travel needs to responsible. When stepping into someone's home, we want to leave it better than we found it. So Intrepid makes choices that respect the people and the environment. That may mean public transport, staying and eating in small-scale locally-owned establishments and traveling in small groups.

Different types of trips.

Original style adventures.

It's all about variety. You'll see loads of places, meet loads of people and love every minute. It's a more simple way to travel. More about the experiences than the hotel linens. They feature a maximum of 12 travelers of all ages. Some trips offer inclusions (meals, activities, sightseeing etc.) and some free time. You can count on your departure - it's guaranteed. Single supplement is not available and single travelers share with someone of the same gender.

Back to Basix.

Go big with less. On Basix you will have incredible experiences without the extras you really don't want. To save you often have multi-share accommodations and local transport.

Intrepid Comfort.

Add on the extras, Comfort stays in better hotels and guesthouse. It is the middle ground between the basics and the extravagant. Comfort style tours feature a maximum of 12 travellers of all ages. Private charter is generally how you travel with the occasional use of local. Some meals and sightseeing is included. Your departure is guaranteed, subject to booking conditions.

Family tours.

Take the kids (age 6 -17) on a real adventure - promise they'll love it and never forget it. These tours feature a maximum of 14 travelers with a limit of 2 children per adult and 2 adults per child and no adult can travel without children. Transport and hotels are family friendly as are the guides.

Adventure seekers.

Active style trips are for the thrill seeking kind. Active style tours feature a maximum of 12 travelers of all ages from all corners of the world and an experienced leader accompanies every trip. Lodgings are simple. Experiences are real. You don't have to be in peak physical form for these trips, but you do have to have a lust for life.

Be independent.

Looking for some soul searching. Look to an independent trio. The itineraries focus on special interest like cooking and meditation. Transport, accommodation standards and inclusions vary from trip to trip. Group size must be a minimum of 1-2 travelers.

Overland style tours.

Safaris, road trips, off roading - Overland takes you to the sights, sounds and smells in purpose built vehicles. This way you can get up close to the communities, wildlife and wilderness. On an Overland journey you are a powerful team. You pitch tents, prep food and travel together. Groups are between 14-24 travelers. An experienced leader/driver and sometimes a camp master or cook accompanies every trip.

Group tripping

If you've got a group of 10 or more than an Intrepid Group tour is right for you. Together you'll plan the itinerary to ensure that everyone in the group gets the trip they want. Even special requirements are welcomed, like trips with an educational or historical spin. There are knowledgeable and friendly guides, who on average lead groups of 12. The accommodations are entirely you choice - pick the Intrepid Basix, Original or Comfort. Transportmay include domestic flights, overnight train or boat journey. Intrepid can arrange the roundtrip airport to hotel transfers.

Intrepid gay and lesbian tours.

OUT Adventures are for gay and lesbian travellers and their family and friends. These are trips of all level and like but with one common thread - you travel with likeminded people.

Intrepids Urban Adventures.

Unravel the mysteries of the world's most intriguing cities. On Urban Adventures you can have 2 hours or 2 days to see a city. It's all about taking a turn at the tourist trap and exploring where the local live.

Urban Adventures feature a group size of minimum 1 - 2 travelers and an experienced local guide accompanies every trip. Accommodations are filled with character. Transportation is local. Some meals, sightseeing and activities are included. Departure is guaranteed, subject to booking conditions and when accommodation is included a single supplement is compulsory for solo travelers.

Intrepid Volunteering.

Holidays are a great time to give back. Your days can be spent living and working in remote villages and getting involved in communities. Sure you can visit the locals or you can become one and make a difference.

Volunteering tours feature a maximum of 12 travelers. They come from all over and along with an experienced leader, they make a difference. Accommodations can be simple, like multi-share accommodations with a local family. The transport is mixed and most meals are included. Departure is guaranteed, subject to booking conditions and single supplement is not available.

Being responsible.

Intrepid Travel has a simple mantra: do not harm and improve what we touch. This idea fuels our style of travel so that it is environmentally, culturally and socially responsible. Intrepid is committed to making a responsible difference with a number of their policies.

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Monica loves...

  • Relaxing at Blue Lagoon geothermal spa after running the Reykjavik 10km race
  • Zip lining in Monteverde's cloud forest in Costa Rica
  • Camel ride and sleeping under the stars in the Thar Desert, Jaisilmer, India
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Chantal loves...

  • Free climbing the Atlas Mountains in Morocco
  • Learning how to Bollywood dance in Jaipur, India
  • Getting down and dirty in archaeological digs in Italy
  • Meeting baby pandas at the Giant Panda Breeding Centre in Chengdu, China
Contact Chantal »

Sam loves...

  • Road tripping across Australia's outback
  • Tubing down the Nam Song in Vang Vieng, Laos
  • Drinking beer during Oktoberfest in Munich
  • Water fights during Songkran (Thai new year)
  • Lying on a beach in Bodrum, Turkey
Contact Sam »

Ashley loves...

  • Night snorkelling the reefs of Belize
  • Climbing the active volcanoes of Nicaragua
  • Surface intervals after diving at Sundowners in Roatan, Honduras
  • Watching the sun rise from the top of Temple IV in Tikal, Guatemala
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